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How to Start Your Teaching Journey with Confidence

Resources for New Teachers

We have curated this selection of resources with new teachers in mind and they all meet the top seven professional development criteria that extensive research with educators—teachers (new and veteran), coaches, specialists, principals, superintendents—indicated are most important for new teachers.

Start your journey with a free new teacher toolkit and resources specifically developed for new teachers and teacher induction. Then explore books on classroom management, equity, literacy, mathematics, social-emotional learning (SEL), and teaching methods. We’ve even included a section on mentoring, recognizing that a good mentor will help new teachers thrive. Whether you are looking to satisfy a need in professional development, wanting to provide quality teacher induction resources, or materials for mentoring new teachers, Corwin has the best resources for new teachers and veteran teachers alike! 

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Teaching Methods

literacy books


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White Paper

new teacher newsletter

New Teacher Newsletter

Teacher to Teacher Podcast for New Teacher Resources Landing Page

Teacher to Teacher Podcast

five to thrive

Five to Thrive Series



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Classroom Management

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Social-Emotional Learning



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Corwin Connect